Young Carers Project

A Young Carer is …

a child, youth, or young adult who is impacted by a “family member’s” exceptional need(s).
An exceptional need could include: illness, disability, mental health issue, addiction, language or cultural barrier.
The impacts of being a Young Carer can happen in any area of life: individual, social or community. For example: school, identity development and well-being, and relationships with friends and family.

The mission of the Young Carers Project is …

to educate the community about the existence and needs of young carers and motivate the community to action. Since the project has started we have expanded beyond Waterloo Region and look forward to sharing information and resources with those involved in national and international young carer movements.

Are you a Young Carer?

You – Caring for your family member is something that may be a part of your life for a long time, continuing to shape who you are even when you are an adult. Read about personal impacts.
Your Relationships – Relationships are a huge part of everyone’s life. As a teen or young adult, you may be trying to rely less on your family and build stronger relationships with others. As a young carer, this can be really complicated if you feel pulled in different directions.
Your World – You don’t live in a bubble. There are a lot of other things around you that can have a big impact on your life.