International Programs for Young Carers

Barnet Young Carers & Siblings (UK)

  • Run by Barnet Carers Centre
  • Provide lots of fun activities to young people aged 5-17 who are a young carer or a sibling
  • Although being a carer or sibling can be fun, rewarding and enjoyable it can also be tiring, upsetting and hard work for a young person. Exists to give young people a break to have fun and make new friends
  • “There are approximately 1000 young carers in Barnet so your child is in good company!”

Edinburgh Young Carers Project (Scotland)

  • Awareness Raising
  • Young Carers Forum
  • Information and Support
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Residential and Day Trips
  • Young Carers Groups
  • Individual Support

Powys Carer Service (UK)

  • Young Carers & Young Adult Carers resources
  • Provide resources and information
  • Support
  • Information
  • Someone who will listen and understand
  • Groups and Activities
  • Support with school
  • Advocacy (someone to speak on your behalf, for example, with school)
  • 1:1 Time with an outreach worker

Include Programme (UK)

  • Develop a National Focus for young carers, their families and those who work to support them
  • To promote common standards and equitable services
  • National Young Carers Initiative
  • Family Inclusion Project
  • Hampshire Young Carers Initiative

Surrey Young Carers (UK)

  • Support young carers (up to the age of 18) in both an individual and group setting around issues of caring.
  • Provide an advocacy service for young carers.
  • Work with young carers to enable them to achieve their full potential as young people.
  • Raise awareness and promote the needs of young carers within a multi-agency setting.

Think Carer: Greenwich Carer Centre (UK)

  • Opportunity to meet other young carers
  • Someone to talk to (counseling)
  • Information about the person they are caring for (i.e. depression, disability, etc…)
  • What to do in an emergency/training
  • A break from caring

Young Carers Bucks (UK)

  • regular clubs and activities
  • one-to-one support where needed
  • someone to talk to who understands
  • targeted group work
  • information, advice and signposting
  • opportunity to meet with other young carers
  • support in schools

Carers Trust Centers (UK) Work with 95 Network Parners who offer services for young carers who support people with any condition. The services offered by each Network Partner varies but can include:

  • Emotional and practical support for carers including providing care in the home to enable carers to take a break.
  • Carers emergency services, offering help in a crisis.
  • Outreach work in GP surgeries, hospital wards and schools to reach carers who haven’t come forward for support.
  • Information and advice on issues such as benefits, grants and other help available.
  • Giving carers a voice so that they are listened to by local decision makers.
  • Helping carers to share experiences though group support and social activities.
  • Access to education, training and employment.
  • Supporting young carers through preventative, whole family work and clubs, activities and mentoring in schools.

Carers Australia

Carers Australia manages a range of national programs including the National Carer Counselling Program, the Carer Advisory Service, the Young Carer Information and Support Program, the Young Carer Bursary Programme and the Better Start for Children with a Disability Registration and Information Service. The website includes different sections for: Kids Under 12s, Teens 13-18 years, Young Adults 19-26 Years, Parents and Professionals. Click here for links to supports in specific states or territories.

International Resources

Carers Trust – Young Carers (UK) Carers Trust Professionals is for everyone who works with carers. Offers many resources for people who work with carers. First ever National Young Carers Coalition

Young Carers Research Group – Loughborough University (UK) The YCRG was founded in 1992 and is based in the Department of Social Sciences at Loughborough University. The YCRG conducts high quality research, evaluation and consultancy on all matters relating to children with caring responsibilities – young carers – in order to advance knowledge and inform the development of health and social care policy and good practice.

Westminster Carers Service

West Carers Time Bank