When you’re caring for someone else it can be easy to ignore your own needs. You might be aware of what your needs are, but sometimes they take a backseat to the well-being of the family member with more urgent needs. Other times, you might not even know what your needs are because you’re focused on so many other things. You may decide to “do you” at times but find it stressful because you feel guilty.When you are juggling a lot of responsibilities it can be hard to find time for hobbies or fun social activities. These activities can be positive outlets for you and maybe you make as much time for them as possible. Or, you might avoid them all together because your family responsibilities can be unpredictable and you feel like you can’t commit on a regular basis, don’t want to bail on others at the last minute, or feel guilty for doing something for yourself. It can sometimes be tempting to choose potentially harmful activities as an escape, like using drugs, drinking, hurting yourself, or taking part in aggressive activities. Positive self-care can provide other options.




Ways to Cope

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