School can be a challenge when you are a young carer. You might use school as a distraction, or focus on it because it helps you cope with your situation. Maybe you don’t have the time, energy or interest you need to do well in class. Your stressful family situation can make it hard to focus or interfere with your sleep and studying so you don’t get the grades you want.If you have trouble at school, people may think you are not smart. But, just because you’re not getting good grades, doesn’t mean you don’t have the potential. The skills you learn from being a young carer are also important. You may not realize it now, but they can be skills your peers don’t have and can help you in other areas of your life.Managing when you are at school can be hard. For example, you may not have the opportunity to stay in touch with home due to cell phone rules. It can be very distracting wondering how things are going at home while trying to focus on school. Finding people you can talk to can also be tough.School counsellors, teachers, and other support staff don’t always know what you need and may not be around every day. If you don’t have somebody who understands, you may feel really alone. When you do find someone you trust, school can be a safe and supportive place.

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