Ways to Cope (your world)

  • Knowledge is power! Learn as much as you can:
    • Check out YouTube videos and relevant websites for young carers.
    • Talk to librarians to get help finding good information.
    • Ask your family doctor or other health care provider any questions you have. Bring a list of your questions with you to appointments.
    • Call 211 or visit www.211.ca for free and confidential information about Canadian health and community services available in your area.
  • Support matters! Connect with people when you can:
    • Join a support group on your own or with your family if available locally or online.
    • Contact a community organization relating to the issue your family is dealing with.
    • Think about finding a different health care professional, if yours isn’t helpful.
    • Find a trusted person who can be there for you.
    • Be open and talk about your needs – exceptions can often be made at school if teachers are aware of your situation.


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