Tips for Organizations

If your organization works with young carers and their families, these suggestions can help you better meet their needs:

  • Ensure your website has information that is interactive and accessible for individuals of all ages.
  • Provide safe and comfortable programs or places where they can share their experiences and feelings and connect with other young carers. Ask young carers what location works best for them.
  • Create opportunities for young carers to connect. Awareness campaigns or fundraising events are a great way to help young carers meet others who are in a similar situation in an informal environment.
  • Post information about local crisis lines and provide resources to young carers about what to do in emergency or crisis situations.
  • Train staff to understand and support young carers and their needs.
  • Consider providing support online for convenience and privacy.
  • Create low cost or no cost recreation opportunities, so they have a safe and supervised place to be themselves, have fun, and relax.
  • Don’t underestimate the impact you’re having as a caring adult.
  • Share this information with your colleagues, other community members, and young carers.