Young Carer Websites

United States

American Association of Caregiving Youth® (AACY) is the national resource for children who sacrifice their education, health, well-being and childhood to provide care for family members who are ill, injured, elderly or disabled. AACY combines systems of healthcare, education and community to provide needs-driven services in school, out of school and at home. With support caregiving youth are no longer alone, progress to the next grade level, graduate from high school and become healthy productive adults. The ultimate goal is for no child in the US to drop out of school because of family caregiving responsibilities.

United Kingdom

Babble has been created by Carers Trust as an online space where those aged under 18 who are caring for a family member or friend can chat, share their experiences and access information and advice. The site aims to bring together young carers from across the UK in an online space which is safe, fun and supportive.

Include Programme The Children’s Society’s Include Programme offers information, training and support to both statutory and voluntary sectors working to support young carers. Young carers include children and other young people under 18 who provide regular or ongoing care and emotional support to a family member who is physically or mentally ill, disabled, or misuses substances. We campaign for change and promote best practice with central and local government and work in partnership with social workers, teachers and health care professionals to deliver solutions that consider the needs of the whole family.


Carers NSW Young Carer Program  works with all carers regardless of their age, location, life-stage or circumstances. This includes those caring for individuals with support needs relating to ageing, disability, health and mental illness.

Young Carers If you are a young carer the information on this website will give you tips on how to look after yourself and the person you are caring for. The site is run by Carers Australia which is the national peak body representing Australia’s 2.7 million carers. Carers Australia gives carers a voice to express their concerns and to shape the way governments consider carers when making policy and delivering programs.

Little Dreamers: Creating an international community where every young carer feels supported, valued and empowered.  Little Dreamers is Australia’s leading young carer support organization, run BY young carers FOR young carers. Their tailored support programs work with young carers and their families to provide Dream Experiences, mentoring, tutoring, case management and more!

Health and Well Being Resources

BoosterBuddy Mobile App A free app designed to help teens and young adults improve their mental health.

KidsHealth This is a website that describes health problems of grown-ups in very simple language. Some of the diseases and conditions the website explains are Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, Multiple sclerosis, and many more. There is also a question and answer section about other issues as people get older. Another important resource is a medical dictionary for kids.

Mental Health Foundation Explores aspects of mental health and self care. Including how to sleep better, how to overcome anxiety and fear, and the benefits of exercise on mental health.

NHS inform The NHS Inform Easy Info Zone was developed in conjunction with the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability (SCLD) to provide easy read accessible health information.

Reach Out This website provides resources to help young people when and where they need it. Caring for yourself while caring for others is especially relevant for young carers.

Cooking Resources

Made Fresh – More Mad Feeds Cookbook This is a step-by-step guided cookbook with “tried and true recipes by and for young people learning to live on their own, without much money to spend and time to spare.” It is designed to be flexible, affordable, realistic, and healthy.

Reheat: A cookbook for young people Anyone can cook!