Adolescence and young adulthood are key times to figure out who you are. All of your experiences can shape your identity, and being a young carer is no different. You may be very capable and self-motivated because you’ve been taking on a bigger role in your family. You could be super responsible or very rebellious, maybe being the peacekeeper in your relationships or creating conflict because of the stress in your life. Most likely you will feel and act differently depending on the situation and people you are with. At times, being a young carer can help you learn about yourself. You may decide to pursue a career helping people because you know you’re good at it, you’ve developed a strong sense of empathy, and you want to continue to make a difference in people’s lives. Other times, being a young carer might keep you from expanding your horizons. Maybe you spend so much time thinking of others that it’s hard to find time to focus on yourself, your goals and accomplishments, and new experiences. It can also be difficult to feel empathy when you hear about other people’s problems that seem minor in comparison to your situation.




Ways to Cope

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