Relationships with family members can be tough and being a young carer adds to that. Sometimes dealing with a challenge together or experiencing a crisis can bring families closer and make relationships and bonds stronger. Other times it can cause tension, like when family members disagree about how to handle a situation or if it should be discussed with others outside the family.You might not always get the attention you need or want from your family. Maybe you think you can’t raise your issues because they don’t seem as important as everything else that’s going on. Or, you may exaggerate an issue or problem to make it seem as important as the other issues your family is dealing with.Roles and boundaries can become blurry. You might find your relationship with your parents is different than your friends’ relationships with their parents. Your parents may treat you differently, expect you to take on more responsibilities, or share too much information with you. Maybe they expect you to always be there to help, even if the situation is chronic or long-term. This can bring up angry and resentful feelings and make it hard for you to plan for your own future.Things can be complicated with your extended family too. They might make your life easier by helping with care responsibilities, doing household tasks, or being someone you can talk to. Other times, they could judge or give unwanted advice without actually offering to help, which can be frustrating.

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