Ways to Cope (relationships)

Relationships are a necessary part of life, even though they can be complicated. Are you getting what you need from your relationships? There are ways to help create stronger relationships in your life.

  • Talk to trusted family members and friends about what you’re going through, even though it might be hard to open up. You may be surprised by how supportive people will be if they understand your situation and what you need.
  • Find family members and close friends who want to help out. Many people do want to help, but just don’t know how. For example, when you have plans with friends, arrange for someone to cover for you at home if needed. This can help to ease your mind and make sure you don’t have to change your plans if your family member needs help.
  • Be selective about who you spend your time with. Good relationships are safe, healthy and positive. Look for and spend time with people who let you act your age, be yourself, and feel good. This could be a friend, teacher, camp counsellor, or family member.
  • Connect with people that understand what you’re dealing with through blogs, chat rooms, forums, and other online options.
  • Use technology to keep the people involved with your family connected and updated, create a care schedule, or coordinate anything else that’s needed.


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