Being a teen or young adult is an emotional time for most people. Pretty much everything in your life is changing, from your brain to your body to the way you see yourself and interact with others. On top of that, being a young carer can sometimes feel like an emotional roller coaster. You may feel devotion, love, hate, guilt, envy, concern, acceptance, jealousy, anger, gratitude, resentment, fear, shame, embarrassment or other emotions at any given time depending on your situation. These feelings can be overwhelming and confusing. Disconnecting and bottling up your feelings might be appealing when it’s hard to deal with them, or you think others won’t understand. You may want to talk about your feelings but aren’t sure who to trust. Remember that emotional ups and downs are natural. There are no “wrong” emotions to feel, it’s how you handle them that matters.




Ways to Cope

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